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For the past few weeks, I’ve been eagerly following the events that is happening in the Philippines. The coming senatorial elections, that is.

Why I’ve suddenly became interested in Philippine politics after swearing to myself that I will not allow myself to even peek at the ever dirty and corrupt way of politicking in my homeland – is because of this group that is emerging as a group to reckon with versus the traditional politicians or “trapos” (in English it means rags).

The Kapatiran party or Alliance Of The Common Good is the party I’m talking about.

Philippine politics, as far as I remember, was always tainted with dirty maneuverings from the “trapos”. Since the time of Marcos (who is the only Philippine president I’ve known since childhood), politicians of every color have used guns, goons and money to win in an election.

It still is the practice up until today and have only grown worse at the present time. With decades old practice like that, who would ever think that there is hope for the Philippines? Certainly not me. That’s the reason I decided to move my family to Canada – I don’t see any hope or future for my children in the Philippines.

Until I heard about this Dr. Martin Bautista, who is one of the candidates running under the Kapatiran party.

Just who the heck is Dr. Bautista, you might ask?

Well, Dr. Martin Bautista is “just” a successful gastroentologist in the U.S. who decided to leave his wonderful life and flourishing practice in the land of milk and honey just to go back to the Philippines and submit himself and his family’s security and safety to participate in espousing change in the country.

The good and visionary doctor had put me in so much shame with his move. All throughout his success, he never waivered with his love of our Motherland. He didn’t even renounced his Filipino citizenship which many of us, including me, is guilty of after tasting a comfortable life and thought of not parting with it again.

But, after the feeling of guilt and shame, a feeling of patriotism overshadowed me. Suddenly, I felt hope. There is hope after all and from the outside looking in I saw Filipinos who are in the motherland and from all over the world still hopeful and working hand in hand for the betterment of the country.

I just felt the need to participate, as actively as possible. And I will start by spreading the word on the Kapatiran party because they symbolizes HOPE, like what Ninoy Aquino was when he decided to return to the Philippines in 1983 to bring his message of hope to his desperate kababayans. And by participating in upcoming elections in the Philippines in May.

To my kababayans, let’s join hands with our brothers and sisters in the Philippines and in other parts of the world in prayer and please tell your relatives and friends to exercise their right to vote. Vote only for the candidates who have a real desire and love for the country. Let’s spread the word and support the Alliance Of The Common Good party.

Watch Dr. Martin Bautista’s interview:

In parting, I would like to share a video of the last time that HOPE has came to our motherland. Mabuhay Ang Pilipino!

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