Fast Food Nation

Eating home made fresh and healthy foods. That’s probably one of the worst that I’m experiencing since our move to Canada. Home cooked sinigang with freshly picked vegetables from Baguio mixed with freshly slaughtered meat of pork, beef or chicken from the slaughter house in Balintawak and using hand ground Sampalok (tamarind) to make the soup sour, certainly is something I dearly miss.

In our present home, to make sinigang we’ll have to use sinigang mix (which is probably tainted with preservatives) to sour the soup, mixing it with frozen meat and vegetables which is the only fresh part of the food (but still questionable).

That’s the freshest I can get to my favorite sinigang (besides my all time favorite, adobo) here in Canada.

The reason I’m ranting about food now is because, last Sunday we went to the grocery and all the stuff that went our shopping cart are, guess what? Fast cooking foods. Foods meant to be cooked by nuking it (microwave), mixing it with boiled water or heating in the oven for a couple of minutes. Frozen TV dinner, frozen pizza, frozen prepared Chinese dish, frozen this, frozen that.

american and canadian junk        american and canadian junk
american and canadian junk        american and canadian junk
Very fast food, anyone?

The other reason is that, I’m visiting the Philippines soon and am so looking forward to savoring a real fresh from the farm cooked food. If I don’t find it in Manila, I’m willing to travel farther north or south – to the countryside. I’m even willing to live in a hut as long as they use palayok (clay pot) and firewood for cooking.

That’s how much I miss a real freshly cooked Sinigang! Yumm!

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