Bus Trip To Atlantic City And New York On Canada Day And US Independence Day

What’s there to do on a one summer long weekend? What about a bus trip to Atlantic City and New York?

That’s just what we did midnight after the Canada day fireworks. Our whole bus trip itinerary coincided on both Canada day (the day we left) and the U.S. Independence Day (the day we will leave the US).

Just like any other bus trips that we had, it was a fun, educational and relaxing experience that takes away some stress off for being in a wintery weather for months. We always make sure that we join bus trips like this because it’s a cheap way of seeing and learning about other places besides Toronto.

Here’s the complete itinerary of the bus trip to New York and Atlantic City, if ever anyone wanted to know:

Day 1:
Leave Toronto at 11:50 pm to the Canada-US border. Before entering the United States via the Peace Bridge (Fort Erie, Ontario and Buffalo, New York crossing), we stopped at the Fort Erie Duty Free Shop to do some liquor and wine buying (Note: Only 1 alcoholic drink allowed per person and receipt “might” be required and checked by Canadian customs upon return to Canada).

bus trip to atlantic city - trump plaza hotel

Day 2:
Arrived Atlantic City about 11 am and checked-in at Trump Plaza Hotel. The travel time from Toronto to Atlantic city, New Jersey by car is about 9 hours if driving non-stop, but because of stops at rest areas for washroom or coffee breaks, the travel time took almost 12 hours. As soon as we got in our room, we’re free to go around Atlantic city on our own – you can shop at the outlet stores, go sightseeing around or play slots in the casinos that’s along the boardwalk.

Atlantic city as a casino entertainment district is small compared to Las Vegas or even Macau but the best attraction of the place, for me, is the ocean view of the rooms of every hotel in the area. If you’re not into gambling, or even if you just wanted to rest after – you can go by the ocean to rest or surf a bit or swim, which is easy do so because it’s just steps away from your hotel.

bus trip to atlantic city - new jersey korean war memorial

In the evening, we watched the fireworks which were launched from a barge from the ocean. It’s an added bonus for Atlantic city visitors in celebration of US Independence Day which is only two days away.

Day 3:
Checked-out from the hotel and left Atlantic city for New York city at about 9 am. Approximate travel time by car is 2 hours via the New Jersey Turnpike. Before we traveled straight to NYC, we had a quick lunch and bathroom break just outside Atlantic city, which we need to do because we’ll have a very hectic day touring New York city and will stay in the city until 7 pm.

We arrived 15 minutes early in New York city, parked the bus along 8th Avenue (crossing 50th street) where we waited for the tourist guide who’s supposed to show us around. Man, I never knew NY cops are very, very strict – probably because the city is traffic congested. They had to tell our bus driver to go around and come back for our tour guide which the driver did because he’ll get fined if he won’t. Good thing is we only went around one time but even that took all of 20 minutes!

bus trip to new york city - tim hortons at time square

Anyway, our tour guide showed us around the city, taking us to Broadway, Manhattan, China town, Wall Street, Battery park (where a good view of Lady Liberty can be seen). We were taken to the site of Ground Zero, stopped and snapped pictures at Central Park and was dropped off at Times Square for some free time until 7 pm.

bus trip to new york city - times square center

We left New York City at 7 pm and reached Ramada Hotel at Rochelle Park, New Jersey at 7:30 pm where we are to spend the night.

Day 4:
After having free hotel breakfast, checked-out and left Ramada at 8 am. We proceeded to Woodbury Common Premium Outlet stores to do some shopping of brand name but low priced products. The shops open at 9 am and we stayed there until 12 pm. We then bused back and arrived in Toronto at around 10 pm to conclude our trip.

Address and contact info of places mentioned:
Trump Plaza Hotel
2225 Boardwalk, Atlantic City, New Jersey 08401
Phone: (609)441-6000

Ramada Hotel Rochelle Park
375 W. Passaic St., Rochelle Park, New Jersey 07662
Phone: (201)845-3400

Woodbury Common Premium Outlets
498 Red Apple Court, Central Valley, NY 10917
Phone: (845)928-4000

That’s how we spent our Canada Day and US Independence Day long weekend.

If you are from or around the Toronto area, this bus trip to New York City and Atlantic City is scheduled every year, every summer. It’s always scheduled to coincide during a long weekend so every Toronto resident who want to visit the United State’s famous city can avail of the opportunity for just CAD$380 per adult and CAD$280 for a child under 12 years old, everything included – except food and drinks or extra tip for the driver.

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It’s Officially “I’m bored” Season!

It’s officially summer vacation here in Toronto and now I’m getting ready to hear the usual “I’m bored” woes from our youngest again. I wish my little girl find something to do without bugging me endlessly, but that’s just a wish.

Some of the usual things that we do during summer breaks:

1) Go to the library, stay there for an hour or two and then borrow some books or videos that’ll keep her occupied for at least, well, two days?

2) Go to the nearest tennis court for some playtime, which I really hate because I would have to go and pick up the ball(s) when it goes over the fence. I’m not the same active person to keep doing that anymore.

3) On Tuesdays, bike to the Farmers market where farmers from North and South outside of the city bring their fresh produce to our neighborhood civic center. It’s a good day to show support to the local growers of Ontario by buying their fresh vegetables, fruits, breads or even honey – which benefits both farmers and consumers (eat something fresh for a change).

4) Three times a week, go to our neighborhood swimming pool and spend an hour or two dipping in a heated water.

5) Take our bike to the closest park where biking trails will lead to some of the best scenic places around Toronto. The big parks here are interconnected with each other so that joggers, bike riders and rollerskaters can exercise as well as enjoy the different areas of the city. I like best to rest around Edwards Gardens (now Toronto Botanical Garden) because of the cute little chipmunks that’s very active in the park.

Those were just some of the activities that me and my little girl enjoy doing to make the summer vacation pass.

This summer though, will be a little special because we’re scheduled to go outside of Toronto on a bus trip twice and we’ll be flying to Edmonton to attend a wedding. That’ll make our daily Toronto activities short and hopefully, I don’t hear the regular “I’m bored” complaints from her as much as the past summers.

Anyway, gotta prepare with our first bust trip tonight.

Have a wonderful summer, everyone!