Facebook Look-alike That Promises To Share Their Profit To Users

To all my friends on Facebook (and anywhere else on the web), I know that you love Facebook so much that you almost spend half your day (some even a whole day) on it sharing your experience for the day.

It’s just the norm at this time and age.

But, during the time you’re using Facebook – did it ever occur to you that for all the work you’re putting in on the site, did you ever received any kind of compensation from Facebook to at least give you thanks for making the site very popular?

Even a piece of pen?

Nothing. Right?

In fact you and everyone of us using the site are making the Facebook owners & shareholders ultra-rich off of our work.

I know that it is fun sharing to our friends, colleagues, relatives & other strangers about our day-to-day experiences thru the site. We gain new acquaintances, found long lost friends & colleagues through it and we can only thank Facebook for making this all possible.

But the truth is, Facebook is the one who should be thankful for our shares and our constant use of their site because we made them popular and made them a lot of money.

What if I tell you that there is a social networking site just like Facebook who promises to pay you for all the sharing that you will post off of the site? Would you be interested and become more motivated to update your timeline more often?
facebook that pays
I won’t make this post very long and will share the link to the site now: http://tsu.co

It’s by invite only and if you are inclined to join, use my personal link to join: https://www.tsu.co/adoborepublic

The site is not as feature-rich as Facebook yet but it’s good enough as a social network site for sharing our day-to-day activities.

Also, I can’t promise that they’re really going to pay you but who knows, maybe the owners of Tsu.co will live up to it, right? I am a very active proponent of making money passively because I know that if you start early on reaching the goal, it is very possible at this age to make it happen. But only if you act IMMEDIATELY and being PRO-ACTIVE!

(UPDATE (Sept 2016): As I tried accessing my TSU account, I was greeted with the image below. TSU is no more and like many online businesses, seemed it didn’t become another Facebook success. Goodluck to TSU owners in their future endeavors!)

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