My Digital Photography Projects

I’m having another additional section to this personal website, this time about a hobby I’m enjoying at the moment – digital photography.

I originally intend to just take photos of products that we sell at our import-export business, Jasman Marketing & Imports, but now, besides products that we sell, my interest also turned to nature, landscapes (because of my love to travel) and birds.

What I intend to write here are my experiences in the trial and error of photo images I take. As well, because I discovered that post processing is an integral part of photography, some Photoshop techniques that come my way.

By that, I mean, most of what I will write is like a tutorial for myself – for example lessons I learned shooting in poor or excessive lighting conditions, the different techniques of post processing, etc.

In every experiments in photography that I’ll do, I intend to document them in every post – complete with photos and instructions. I’m doing this as a reminder to myself how I was able to achieve the final image which I will be trying to make appear as “real” as possible.

This section, then, is a series of lessons in photo capture and image processing that I will experiment on in order to achieve images that I think are pleasant to others.

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