Customers Rule?

I read with much interest a post by one of my favorite Filipino blogger, Wilson Ng. The title of his post is Getting Rid Of Customers As A Road To Profitability.

Much of what he said in his post are applicable to any kind of business, although he used a bigger company (a hosting company) as a model, I think it’s more applicable to smaller ones.

I totally agree with him because that is what I felt is necessary so businessess can concentrate more on profitability and also a better customer service. We can have more productivity if our time were not being used up by unnecessary demands from customers like those. Wilson summed it all up, and I quote:

I have always thought that the road to better business was to try to maintain your customers and make as many as happy as possible. But there are customers that may not be worth keeping — some customers demand too much or just cost too much to keep.

See, its not that we’re being picky with whom to render our services. But, we’re just being practical by avoiding people who are demanding things impossibly. After all, it only makes sense what Wilson said at the end of his post – that maybe one way to win over the competition is to give them the “problematic” customers.

Sounds right to me!

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