Create Your Own WordPress Theme Without Coding……

Did you just read the headline right? You can create your own WordPress theme without HTML, PHP or any kind of coding experience at all?

And if a software like that is available now, how much would you pay for it?

How about F.R.E.E.!!! That’s right, no money involved, nada dinero, free.

If you’re like me, a true blue WordPress fanatic – you must’ve downloaded every plugins and themes available on the world wide web for the famous WP. If you’re like me, you sometimes must’ve wished that you could customize a theme to your own style or liking. A theme different from the others but without the hassle of learning how to code. It was not to be – until now.

Without further blah, here’s the link to what I’m talking about – WordPress Theme Generator.

Let’s thank the person who thought of this. Another WP innovation.

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