Cheap Breakfast For Two Pinoy Style

Wanna know what a cheap Filipino food breakfast consist of? Would you believe it only cost $3.50 (157 pesos) and is good for two already?

Well, I’ve tried it when I was in the Philippines with JP and I still can’t believe I’d had a very good but cheap breakfast!

To get the best for cheap, we went to the nearest public market to buy everything that we’ll need, and because I’m craving for fish, I asked JP to get us fish for breakfast – for Filipinos, fish for breakfast means dried fish, usually. This cheap Filipino breakfast consists of:

1) Binusang dilis (anchovies)

2) Tomatoes mixed with itlog na maalat (salted duck eggs)

3) Two small pop

4) Bukayo (sorry, I don’t know it’s English name)

5) Longanisang Tagalog (Filipino sausage)

6) Halayang ube (Purple Yum) for dessert

7) 3 cups of rice

I know that not everyone would like what we prepared, but my point here is, in the Philippines it’s possible to live on $300 a month – accomodation and food included. You don’t even need a fridge to eat fresh food (just go the public market everyday), but you’ll need it (fridge) to store your left over food for later consumption. Doing that, brings down your food expenses even lower. In this instance, we just bought cooked rice. If you cook your own rice (rice is about 30 pesos a kilo), you can save even more because 1 kilo, when cooked, is a lot!

Here’s the video of the complete concoction of a cheap Filipino breakfast:

And the photo of the complete meal:

cheap breakfast | Filipino food

Cheap and yummy, what more can I ask for?

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