Elison Hotel: A Cheap Place To Stay In Balanga City, Bataan, Philippines

I’ve been wanting to write about a cheap hotel in Balanga city, Philippines for quite sometime but because of workload at our family business plus other chores, I couldn’t find the time. Luckily, a friend who was visiting Bataan for a weekend obliged to write a short review for me as a favor and as a bonus – she even provided me with photos!

I have stayed in this hotel in my first visits to Balanga but in all honesty, during those visits – I have not thought of reviewing cheap hotels and apartelles to stay-in in the Philippines to benefit my readers. I know better now.

My personal comment during my stay at Elison Hotel was that the rooms I’ve tried were similar to the rooms I’ve stayed at in Quezon City (here and here) but bigger. You will notice that their room rate is much higher than those in Quezon City but if you’re looking for the cheapest hotel in Balanga City with acceptable standards, frugal people like me would choose Elison Hotel.

In addition, in my experience, although they say that hot water is available in the rooms – do not expect it. I have not have the opportunity to having a hot water shower during the two times I stayed there. With the Philippines having warm weather all the time, who needs a hot water shower anyway? Just switch-off your airconditioning and your room feels like an oven in a few minutes – that’s when you take your shower! But they really have Wifi in all the rooms, though.

Enjoy the review article written by Nayz and I hope it will help you somehow.

van and car rental in Bataan Philippines
Elison Hotel: A Cheap Place To Stay In Balanga City, Bataan, Philippines by Nayz

If you’re visiting Bataan and you’re looking for a convenient and cheap hotel to stay in, one of the good options would be the Elison Hotel.

Owned by Mr. Nelson David, this hotel is located in the central district of Balanga, and it’s very near the establishments in the place. It’s walking distance from the Centre Plaza Mall, from St. Josephs Church of Balanga and from eating places like Max’s, Jollibee, and Chowking.

Just outside of the hotel, there are already jeepneys and tricycles passing by, so there’s also no problem with public transportation.

We visited and checked out the place once, and the staff was very accommodating. They allowed us to see the rooms despite the fact that we would not really be staying. The receiving room had a homey ambiance to it, arranged just like the usual living room in the home.

The hotel has 29 rooms:
>> 7 single standard rooms – P1000 per night ($23.80 May2011)
>> 15 single deluxe rooms – P1150 ($27.40 May2011)
>> 3 twin deluxe rooms – P1600 ($38 May2011)
>> 1 family room good for 7 people – P3500 ($83.35 May2011) and
>> 3 rooms rated at P1800 per night ($42.85 May2011)

Extra bed can be requested for P200 ($4.75 May2011). All the rooms are airconditioned, come with a cable TV, hot and cold shower, cabinet, mirror, lampshade, and a telephone that is directly and automatically connected to the receiving room. The entire hotel also has free Wifi coverage plus free parking for all guests.

(Note by AdoboRepublic: Room prices rated on May 2011. Price may be different when you decide to book, so please call them first for their latest room rates.)

When we checked the rooms, we also asked the staff about the toiletries that they offer, and they showed us a complete complimentary toiletry set consisting of a sachet of shampoo, a small piece of soap, toothpaste sachet, and a small toothbrush. We scanned the different rooms, and we also noticed some thoughtful additions in the rooms such as slippers, a holy bible placed on the bedside table, plus personal touches on the toilet bowl and sink.

There’s a café within the hotel area named Café Eliza, and there are various kinds of food offered. The café, though, is only open from 6AM to 12 midnight. However, they also have a room delivery service – just call the front desk for your needed food. Plus, the hotel also offers laundry services.

Aside from the café, another amenity that you might enjoy in the hotel is its swimming pool, which is open to all guests from 6AM to 10PM.

Need to call somewhere? There’s a phone at the receiving area that you can use, but only for calling within the Balanga area. Security is also good in the hotel because there’s always a security guard on stand by. Plus, access to the rooms are through a sensor card, so you get the guarantee that your things inside are secured.

Check in time at the hotel is 1:00PM while check out time is 12 noon. The rooms are clean and cozy, although the ambiance outside is a little informal because of the open area going to the rooms. Inside the rooms, however, the atmosphere is warm and comfortable. (Check the photos of the rooms to see).

For reservations, the hotel number is (63-922) 815-8024 or (63-47) 237-2942. Their address is: Aguire St., Poblacion, Balanga City, Bataan (see in Google map).

Update (November 2013): Some visitors to this page was saying that the numbers are unreachable. I asked somebody to get their new numbers for me and this is what was sent: (0922)837-0204. Please inform me if this number worked or not. I would appreciate if any readers update me on their latest contact information.

Update (March 2014): Comment from reader Norinne says the phone number (0922)837-0204 is working and that their nightly rate is now PHP1,100. Thanks Norinne for the update.

(Click on image to enlarge. Opens in new window.)

elison hotel balanga bataan cheap hotels in bataan philippines | elison billboard
Elison Hotel signboard
cheap hotels in balanga bataan philippines | driveway to elison hotel balanga
Driveway of the hotel
with rooms shown
elison hotel budget rooms in philippines | stairs leading to upper bedrooms
Stairs to
upper bedrooms
door locks of budget hotel rooms in philippines | sensor activated cheap hotel room door
Sensor activated door
cheap hotel rooms in balanga bataan philippines | room service and restaurant menu
Room service menu
cheap hotels in the philippines | hotel rules
Elison hotel rules
elison hotel balanga bataan cheap hotels in bataan philippines | entrance to elison hotel
Elison Hotel entrance
cheap hotels in balanga bataan philippines | driveway of elison hotel balanga bataan
Driveway to parking lot
elison hotel budget rooms in philippines | driveway going to the street
Driveway to street
stairs to upper rooms budget hotel rooms in philippines | stairs leading to upper floor cheap hotel
Stairs to upper rooms
cheap hotel rooms in balanga bataan philippines | driveway of elison hotel
Room service menu
cheap hotels in the balanga bataan philippines | embroidered pillows and bed sheets
Embroidered pillows
bedroom 1 bed hotel balanga bataan cheap hotels in bataan philippines | 1 bedroom cheap hotel
Bedroom single bed 1
cheap hotels in balanga bataan philippines | 1 bed bedroom elison hotel balanga
Bedroom single bed 1
elison hotel budget rooms in philippines | bedrooms single bed
Bedroom single bed 1
elison hotel balanga bataan cheap hotels in bataan philippines | single bed cheap hotel rooms in the philippines
Bedroom single bed 2
cheap hotels in balanga bataan philippines | view of single bed cheap room in balanga bataan
Bedroom single bed 2
elison hotel budget rooms in philippines | receiving area of deluxe bedroom
Receiving area of room
2 beds at elison cheap hotel philippines | room with 2 single beds
Room with 2 beds 1
cheap hotels in balanga bataan philippines | 2 beds cheap hotels in bataan philippines
Room with 2 beds 1
elison hotel budget rooms in philippines | stairs leading to upper bedrooms
Room with 2 beds 1
elison hotel balanga bataan cheap hotels in bataan philippines | 2 beds cheap hotel rooms in philippines
Room with 2 beds 2
cheap hotels in balanga bataan philippines | cheap hotel rooms with 2 beds in philippines
Room with 2 beds 2
elison hotel budget rooms in philippines | nice cheap hotel room with 2 beds in balanga
Room with 2 beds 3
elison hotel balanga bataan cheap hotels in bataan philippines | 2 bed cheap hotel rooms in balanga
Room with 2 beds 3
cheap hotels in balanga bataan philippines | 2 beds room at elison hotel balanga
elison hotel budget hotel rooms in philippines | cheap accommodation in the philippines
Receiving area of
deluxe room
elison hotel balanga bataan cheap hotels in bataan philippines | bathroom and comfort room
Bathroom in room
cheap hotels in balanga bataan philippines | comfort room and bathroom
Bathroom in room
elison hotel budget rooms in philippines | shower room
Bathroom in room
door locks of budget hotel rooms in philippines | hot and cold shower room
Bathroom in room
cheap hotel rooms in balanga bataan philippines | cold water only shower
Bathroom in room
cheap hotels in the philippines | shower room and comfort room
Bathroom in room


Looking For Another Cheap Hotels To Stay-In In Manila?

If you depend on the internet, it’s difficult to search for cheap hotels in Manila. Even if you type-in “cheap hotels in Manila” in Google or Yahoo, usually the results are not what you’re looking for.

In my experience as an avid internet researcher for frugal traveling and as a frequent visitor to the Philippines and Southeast Asia, the only way to find a really cheap accommodation in most Asian countries, even if we think internet search results is getting close to what we’re looking for – the best way is to be there and talk to the locals.

Referring to Manila in this post, the cheap hotels I experienced being in are mostly in Quezon city. One of which I already wrote about in my previous post.

In this article, again I’d like to point all you frugal travelers to another cheap hotel in the Philippines I discovered in my latest visit to Manila. Included here are pictures and contact information of the accommodation and again, let me just say again that since this is a budget place, the room is small, similar to the other cheap hotel in Manila post I did way back.

Find below the information about this cheap hotel in Manila I’m talking about:

Name: Honey’s West Apartelle

Cheapest room rate for 24 hours: 750 pesos per room, good for a maximum of 2 persons

Location: 51 West Avenue, Quezon City (beside Metro Bar, South of SM North EDSA) – Click here for location in Google map

Phone: (63-2) 416-7797 or (63-2) 374-8981

Click on images for larger photos.

honey's west cheap hotels in manila | bed and bathroom photo
The bed and
honey's west cheap hotels in manila | billboard from west avenue
Main entrance billboard
honey's west budget rooms in philippine | inside parking and small canteen photo
Canteen and
inside parking
budget hotel rooms in philippine | canteen frontage from west avenue
Canteen view from
West Avenue
cheap hotel rooms in manila | inside parking of honey's west
Inside parking area
cheap hotels in manila | flat screen tv and small dining area
Flat screen and
eating area

For those readers who leave comments asking for other information, call them if you need more info. I just write about all the info I find while checked-in at cheap hotels in Manila locations.

Hope this post help those frugal travelers like me.

Updated feedback from reader Robert (January 2011):

Cheapest room rental: 800 pesos per day
One time deposit na 150 pesos na makukuha mo ulit upon check-out. (I should have included that pero nawala na sa isip ko. Thank you, Robert). Click this link to go to Robert’s review of Honeys West Apartelle.

Another update from Robert (February 2011):

According to Robert, you may avail of 12 hours stay for 600 pesos. I did not ask for that info or talked with anyone there about it. Salamat kay Robert, nadadagdagan ang mga info dito. Here’s the link to Roberts additional comment: click here

Here’s a video of one of the rooms at Honeys West. This room has 2 single beds. Ok for 2 persons but I think 2 people will also fit in each bed, as long as they’re not too chubby, so that’s 4 persons in the room if that’s the case. Please post your comments. Salamat po.

Updated feedback from reader Marian (April 2012):

Room rental is still 800 pesos per day. She rented a family room which has 1 queen size and 1 twin bed and the rent is 1600 pesos nightly. Extra person is 100 pesos, additional bed 100 pesos. Read Marian’s comment here. Salamat ng marami, Marian.

We have update from reader Ann (March 2013):

Apparently, their rates stayed low at 800 pesos/day and additional person is still 100 pesos. That’s good news to us frugal travelers, at least we have a place to stay at in Metro-Manila that is still below the 1000 peso mark. Go here to read Ann’s comment. Maraming salamat, magandang binibini! Sana nag-enjoy kayo sa Honeys West.

Latest updated information from reader Dolly (June 2013):

For all those asking for some details of renting a room or rooms at this accommodation, please refer to the comment contribution of reader Dolly here. Dolly did a great effort in getting those important information for the benefit of people searching for cheap accommodation in Manila (errr, Quezon city pala). I hope some of the readers review the info she provided. Thanks very much, Miss Dolly for your update. I appreciate it very much.

Another update from Raj (June 15, 2013):

Here is another update from reader Raj. I totally forgot to add this to the main article, so I apologise for that. What I’ll do is to just sum it up in this addition but reading Rajs’ more accurate account is better. Go here and I assure you that his comment is not only informational but amusing as well.

According to Raj, the room they stayed at does not have flat screen TV. That means my assumption is incorrect. Sorry about that. And the good news is – there is WiFi already! Don’t jump for joy yet because, according to Raj, their Wifi connection is not dependable. Haay! I hope the management of Honeys West take this into consideration because internet connection is becoming more than a want. It is already a need, specially for people who like to keep connected to their loved ones while away. It is the cheapest means of communication beside texting, right?

Anyway, Raj also mentioned that you can have food delivered to your room by Fastfood stores nearby. He did not mention, though, if delivery is available 24 hours. Someone update us on that, please. He also mentioned that prices in the canteen are double that what’s available outside. So, if you’re one of us “frugalites” better buy your food stuff outside!

There is also info on how the reservation works, how much is extra pillow request and more importantly, the cheapest rooms are still 800 pesos. Yehey! Our info on Honeys West here is almost complete.

Please jump to Rajs’ added information here. It was like a story and it was really amusing. I loved it. Be warned, though, it is in Tagalog. If you don’t understand it, better learn Tagalog first. ;-). Salamat ulit, Raj.

Another important update from Raj (July 22, 2013)

Ok, schoolmates, there is another update again from Raj regarding their stay at Honeys West Apartelle. I will just summarize what he said but I would suggest to read the details here for an accurate information from someone who really experienced staying there. So, according to Raj it depends on the fastfood store you’re ordering from if they deliver 24 hours. Directory of fastfoods nearby can be borrowed from the apartelle office. Also, according to him, the apartelle has a massage service! Wow, that’s another service worth trying, ‘no? And he also hinted the difference in price between the 1050 pesos from the 800 pesos price is because of – hot water shower! LOL. Raj also mentioned that they do not have an airport pickup service and enumerated some ways on how you can save on cab fare. Raj just added some information he missed sharing the last time he stayed there but to be honest, I want to thank all those who contributed to make the information as helpful as can be to visitors of this particular article. I guess Honeys West should give you guys a complimentary stay, di ba? LOL.

Relative to this post, besides Honeys West and Park Villa – reader Cris left a comment with a link to his/her blog which maybe useful to searchers of cheap or budget accommodation in, again, Quezon city. He/She wrote about 8 budget accommodations, all less than 1,000 pesos/night. Click here for the comment but please note that I did not write or researched that article, so questions must be directed to the blogger. Keep the updates coming and salamat!