Changed Themes, Added MP4 Player…..

I changed WordPress theme today from the Semiologic freebie that I was previously using to Gobala Krishnans’ Super Adsense Theme. I like to be able to have some control on any WordPress blogs that I have and that is not possible if you have the freebie version of Semiologic, although it looks pretty.

With Gobala’s theme, if you have some knowledge in html or php editing, it’s possible to make your blog as what you would like it to look. And if you are an adsense publisher, you don’t have to worry about tweaking the theme for more because what the theme title says is what it is – it’s adsense ready.

With this blog, I don’t want to display any adsense ads, so what I did is to edit every single file that contains the adsense blocks and presto – a better suited blog theme for Adobo Republic dot Net.

If anyone wanted to get ahold of this WordPress theme, head on to Gobala Krishnans’ Easy WordPress page at

If you wanted to see how the theme would look like, other than what you’re seeing in my blog right now, you can checkout, where you may also learn a few things about internet marketing if that interests you.

Another feature that I added to today is a multimedia player plugin that I found while browsing the WWW. It plays both audio and video and the default is the video player. Cool Player is — cool….

Check it out and listen to two favorite songs of my little princess at the Audio Page. I still have to tweak it a bit more, though, because whenever you switch pages, the player stops playing. For now I made it open another window for the Audio page.

Here’s the link if you want to try the multimedia plug in,

That’s all for now people. Til next time.


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