Back To Toronto

I’m back to Toronto. After 10 short days in the Philippines and another 7 days in Hong Kong, I’m back to reality.

I was able to chomp on the sinigang I was dreaming about and other Filipino foods, was able to go around some parts of the country on both leisure and business and most importantly, reconnect with family back home.

I also am glad to have meet finally most of my online colleague and friends and setup partnerships with them. It was all in all a very positive trip and I’m looking forward to doing it again early next year (2008).

While away, I can’t resist going online or write something about that trip and I intend to post it here in the coming days. I still have to edit and search for the pictures I’ve took while there.

So, back to being a nanny to my little princess but I hope to bring her with me on my next visit to Asia. I love it there!

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2 thoughts on “Back To Toronto

  1. Hi, Just curious, you have a multiple entry visa or single entry? I got a single entry and I don’t know if I can visit Philippines after 1 year work. My contract is good for 3 years. Please help.Ty

  2. Jinky,

    To answer your first question, we’re Canadian residents already, so we can leave and come back anytime.

    For the 2nd question, I think you can apply for a re-entry permit from Immigration Canada if you’re planning to go back to the Philippines as a working permit holder. Don’t worry about that for now, come over first and you’ll surely learn more when you’re here.

    Please visit because I’m posting immigration tips there which I gathered from different immigration practitioners here in Canada.


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