An Experiment On Dofollow, Trackback, Proper Blog Commenting And SEO All In One Swoop.

In recent days, I’ve been researching on how to remove the nofollow default in WordPress blogs, trackbacking and commenting properly following the lead of bloggers like Case Stevens, Teli Adlam, Jim Morris, Andy Beard and so on. There are a lot of bloggers out there who are generous in giving out some link juice to “deserving” commenters but I would only write about this four particular persons because I wanted to do an experiment and I got all the instructions and tips (and plugin from Michele Marcucci) from each of them.

The experiment that I wanted to prove was to leave a trackback comment on good blog posts leaving a “keyword” or “key phrase” that I’m targeting instead of leaving my name.

It all started when I read a post by Jim Morris titled NicheBOT on MarketingProfs, Backlinks, Commenting and Baby Steps to Blogging.

I’ve been a big fan of Jim since becoming a subscriber of his original Nichebot free keyword research tool. But during that time, probably around late 2005 or early 2006, I cannot grasp his linking strategy of using keywords or keyphrases in leaving a link instead of your company brand name or your own name. It was totally new to me.

He has been practicing that technique up to this day and only after learning the importance of SEO did I realize the real benefit of using that smart practice. If you doubt him, just ask for a screen shot of a PR10 Google has awarded his Nichebot site way back. Maybe he’s got a copy.

I will not elaborate on what Jim talked about in that particular post but I would recommend that you visit the link above and read his post in full.

Anyway, I thought that if I leave comments on a good post, some bloggers might not allow putting my keyword or keyphrase in lieu of my real name and they might not approve it. So I thought, what better way to leave a keyword that I’m targeting is to leave a trackback instead of a comment because that is what I noticed when I looked at comments left in each post.

That’s when I searched and found Teli Adlam’s post on WordPress Trackback Tutorial. A very comprehensive tutorial on tracking back. I tried the trackback tutorial in one of my post and I was so elated that it worked.

Problem number 2 solved.

Next, I thought that, it would be unfair to others who wanted to leave good comments after my posts to have a nofollow rule in my wordpress install. If those people above can give link love to deserving commenters, why can’t I do the same if I want to follow their lead? (as if I have link juice to give away. dreaming is free, no? LOL)

This lesson of giving back I learned while reading Case Steven’s Comment’s Policy – NoFollow. It struck me that a successful internet marketer like Case is so giving to anyone who have a valid thing to say or comment to a post (spammers not welcome though). Thanks, Case that’s an eye opener.

So, to satisfy that missing piece, I Googled for “remove nofollow” which led me to the blog post of Andy Beard, Ultimate List of DoFollow & Nofollow Plugins.

Andy’s list is so comprehensive to the point that I felt so overwhelmed at the selections. I can’t decide on which plugin to use for my blog. So what I did was to read every comment that was left at this post and found a comment by the author of NoFollow Free, Michele Marcucci. I followed the link from there and decided that I should try the plugin for my desired purpose. Thank goodness it worked well in version of WordPress.

When I thought that everything is in place, it’s time to write this post, which is what I’m doing now.

It seemed like a very long route, a very long post this test I am conducting. Actually this is the easiest experiment that I did going back college days. All the tools are available, all the instructions are clear and all I have to do is compile all those stuff and see if it will work.

If it did, good for me. I found something that will work in my favor. If it did not, no problem. I only lost a little bit of my time and imagination.

And now, I’m all set to see if this little experiment of mine will work. I’m not ending this post because I still want to find out what the results will be and it won’t be until a few days from today. I still have to wait for any response from those good folks if ever my tracking back their posts is successful.

I’ll post an update as soon as the results are in. Ciao for now.

A wannabe internet marketer
(14nov2007 when this is posted)

Oh, geez. I forgot how to find the trackback URI of my blog. Oh well, I’ll figure that out next time.

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8 thoughts on “An Experiment On Dofollow, Trackback, Proper Blog Commenting And SEO All In One Swoop.

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  2. Its a nice concept, but it also leads to increased ’spam’ with comments like ‘Good Job’ or ‘Nice blog’ that are not actually relevant to the post, but are just there because the poster saw a ‘DoFollow’ badge on the blog and wanted a backlink.

    I suppose you could call this a double edged sword, it’d definitely get your more comments, but also increase your moderation work.

  3. I’m a newbie on-line writer and still trying to learn the ropes of the trade. Inch by inch, I try to explore the nooks and crannies of this exciting world; and, what I see is truly wondrous. For people like me who have never stepped beyond the bounds of our own small patch of land, I call the “Philippines”- the internet has opened up a whole new vista, which can liberate us from the confines of parochialism, myopia and self-pity. What you said is true. This country of ours is stuck in a political and economic morass that gets deeper by the day. This country is indeed a paradox; sooooo rich in resources – natural and human – yet soooo poor. Most of my relatives and friends are now living or are now planning to live abroad and I’m the only one stuck, or shall I say, clinging desperately to this place. I though it was a stupid thing to do, that is, staying here when everybody else is jumping out of the sinking ship. But what you said again is true. If you were given the alternative that you have now in finding money-making opportunities – you wouldn’t have left the Philippines. I love this place and with the myriad opportunities for making money now available, I think I’ll stick out ‘til the very end. Good luck to your new venture. Thanks.

  4. I am also in the process of trying out a commenting solution not for backlinks, but for traffic. consider your blog a part of this experiment ;)

    Commenting is the best way to get some traffic and exposure for low budget marketing.

  5. Hi. I followed your trackback from Case Steven’s blog, so it is working to some degree. I want to allow good commenters link love, too. I was just wondering how to do it, when I read your article. Now, I’m off to Andy Beard’s article to learn about those plug-ins you mentioned. Enjoyed your post.

    Kelli Workman

  6. @kelli, start at teli adlam’s optiniche site for the trackback tutorial. her step by step instructions are very clear and spot on.

    giving out link love is easier. just install the plugins and you’re good to go.

    but, you have to install and activate an anti-spam plugin, too. just to be safe.

  7. I think getting spam is a minor incovenience compared to the benefits one gets from having a dofollow blog. Visitors have added incentive for leaving comments knowing that they will be rewarded for their effort. Whatever spam that’s left, there’s always the blog owner doing the moderation anyway, or akismet. :)

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