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Any Pinoys want to get on affiliate marketing? But first, what is affiliate marketing?

If you already have a website and have put up Google adsense ads in a page or pages of your site, then you’ve had a taste of affiliate marketing under the pay per click category (PPC). Affiliate marketing, though, is much broader than just Google adsense. Affiliate marketing simply means, making money on the internet by putting up merchants products on your website. Follow this link for a better definition.

I wrote this post to inform kababayans who are looking for ways to earn money online, that there is a free – yes, free – affiliate marketing training that was started up by a successful affiliate marketer, Jeremy Palmer. It’s called The Black Ink Project (TBIP). This guy is one of Commission Junctions’ superstar affiliate and one of the creators of PPC Classroom, of which I am a recent subscriber. I am also one of the early subscribers of TBIP when he first announced about it and have been following his training modules.

For a free service, one would think that TBIP must be just another ploy by an internet marketer to “soft-sell” his products to unsuspecting subscribers like what most “gurus” are doing.

Now, before you think that, I’d like to point out that I promised myself that this blog is my contribution to my kababayans who are constantly seeking ways to earn an honest living – most of whom have to leave the motherland and leave their families behind.

Any recommendation that I post here will benefit the ordinary Pinoy. And will not cost them anything but opportunities.

That’s why, if you kabayan is serious about your online dreams and wanted to learn affiliate marketing – head on to the registration page of The Black Ink Project. I promise, you won’t regret it.

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5 thoughts on “Affiliate Marketing Training – The Black Ink Project

  1. I have signed up and I must say that having read a number of books by Jeremy Palmer he is one hell of a man who deserves the recognition he gets.

  2. what you just commented is an understatement. i’m a fan of several super affiliates – most of them give you tips on how to succeed in affiliate marketing.

    but jeremy palmer, through his black ink project have raised the bar 5 notches, and i guess he’s the only one who have done a very detailed affiliate marketing blueprint – for free!

    he’s, handsdown, a hero to striving affiliate marketing newcomer.

  3. Jeremy doesn’t get the recognition that he deserves in my honest opinion. He really produces some great literature thats extremely beneficial and helpful.

  4. i agree 100%. he left ppc classroom to concentrate in the black ink project, as far as i know. everyone who thinks jeremy has done a great deal for affiliate marketing must do his/her share by spreading the word about his project. everybody wins anyway.

  5. I agree Jeremy is a very talented and innovative individual, I no long waste money on PPC campaigns because of the PPC Classroom. Learning to target my keyword groups was one of the most important things I have ever picked up; using Google trends to gage how my niche is performing is also starting to pay dividends. I will definitely get the word out on the Black Ink Project

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