A Fathers Day Surprise Dinner

Friday 6 pm EST, 18 June 2010 – my wife asked me to go out to buy dinner because we were not able to prepare anything for that night. Little did I know that she and the kids have planned of going out for dinner.

I was supposed to have a meeting that evening with a prospective client/JV partner thru Skype and we set the meet at around 7 pm. I told myself that since we’ll only buy take-out, I have plenty more time to make it back at the house.

Alas, when we got to Memories of Japan, our favorite Japanese restaurant – I was surprised to find a table ready for us! I told them that I thought we’re just buying take-out and that I have a business meet at 7. They convinced me to just explain the situation to the person I was supposed to meet. I ask why and they replied – it’s Fathers Day!

I said, Fathers Day is on the 20th – why have the dinner tonight? My wife said that she doesn’t want to go with the crowd because she knows that the restaurant gets so busy whenever there’s an occassion. And besides, they might not let on reservations on the day of the occassion because it’s becoming a norm for a lot of Toronto area restaurants to discourage reservations.

Oh well. Since we’re there already, I might as well enjoy the night with my family. Another thing is, I miss my favorite order at this restaurant, so I just started to think of what to say to the person I’m meeting. It’s a good thing it’s just on Skype.

Happy Fathers Day to all dads!

Memories Of Japan
900 Don Mills Road, Toronto, ON
(416) 449-3773

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